Fresh idea: bulky waste pick-up for all of Canberra

Anyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about how we manage waste in the ACT. From features in the Canberra Times, to Belconnen Community Council submissions, to motions at the ACT Labor annual conference, to talking to constituents as part of my campaign, I’ve long been a champion for improving our waste management.

I’ve been especially proud to champion a number of waste management measures which have become ACT Government policy this year, including the trial of Big Belly solar bins and the introduction of green waste bins. Today, the ACT Labor party announced that, if re-elected, it will offer a free bulky waste pick-up for every Canberra suburb.


This policy has been a particular passion of mine which I’ve driven for a long time – including in the BCC’s budget consultation submissions and putting it forward as a policy at the 2015 ACT Labor conference where it was strongly endorsed. It’s a great policy because it:

  • supports higher density living, a public transport culture, and urban infill
  • encourages residents in higher-density living to not dispose of their rubbish inappropriately
  • provides an opportunity for the community to recycle
  • lessens the likelihood of hard rubbish being sporadically and illegally placed on the roadside or dumped in car parks or nature reserves
  • lessens the burden on on charities which have to clear illegally dumped waste from charity bins
  • provides an opportunity to redistribute good and usable items to charity

Most recently, I’ve been talking to you about it. At every shopping centre stall. While doorknocking. Over e-mail. I’ve received strong support from everyone I’ve talked to about it. And of the hundreds of people who’ve taken my community survey, the two things you’ve told me would make the biggest difference to your lives and households are green waste bins and a bulky waste pick-up.

Our community gets what it needs when our voice is heard. And I have been championing this issue for you to make sure your voice is heard. It has been. If re-elected on 15 October, this policy will become reality.

Thanks so much for your support so far. Together we can ensure even more fresh ideas are part of our future.



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