“One of those days”

There’s a point when you’ve been going for 4 hours, it’s pouring down rain, you’re using your campaign clipboard for cover, and you’re still soaking wet that you realise it’s probably time to stop doorknocking – for today at least.

My face after a good 10 minutes of being rained on

This was a few hours after I literally dropped my bundle: somehow I managed to flip my clipboard in the air and every single one of my flyers rained down on me and across Badgery Street.

On the plus side I met FOUR whippets today. Best campaign day ever. 

One thought on ““One of those days”

  1. Dear Tara
    Good work on the campagn trail rain ‘n’ all. I looked across the road at Joynton Smith Drive this morning to see a poor woman with a stroller struggling through the mud on the unsealed track between the Florey/Coulter Drive intersection and MacDermott Place. Many people use this track daily enroute to the Mall and it is a disgrace that 50 years on there continues to be this barrier to easy foot access to the Belconnen Town Centre. This is an inner suburb after all. In fact both ends of Joynton Smith Drive present ‘lack of footpath’ problems to pedestrians. I would hate to try to access the Mall with a mobility scooter.
    I wrote to Mary Porter about this lack of a sealed footpath in 2012 and apparently this section Coulter to MacDermott has been listed as a medium/high priority on the Roads ACT Footpath Data base for some years. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could trumpet that path as sealed for the 50th Anniversary of Belconnen.
    Yours in hope

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