What can I find on this website?

Thanks for taking a look around my website Tara Cheyne – Labor for Ginninderra.

I’m looking forward to sharing a bit about me and the campaign in the lead up to the election.

Want to get in touch? E-mail me here. Another quick way to share your views is by taking my community survey.

If you’re looking to support me, you can donate here (every donation above $2 is tax deductible) or sign up to volunteer with our friendly team here.


One thought on “What can I find on this website?

  1. Thanks for the useful 1 pager in our letter box. Nice to hear from you and readabout what is going on in Belconnen (local resident of region since 2001, and suburb since 2010). I miss periodic engagements with Mary Porter and I think it was you I saw in the distance at Belconnen Bus stop (ex-interchange) recently. Must meet you some day.

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