ACT Government updates

ACT/Victoria travel restrictions

July 07, 2020

An update from Chief Minister Andrew Barr:

From 12:01am on Wednesday 8 July, the ACT will be enhancing travel restrictions for anyone travelling into the ACT from Victoria.

The COVID-19 situation in Victoria is a significant concern, and these measures will protect our community in stopping the spread of the virus from the Melbourne outbreak.

All ACT residents will be approved to return home, subject to entering quarantine for a period of 14 days from the day after leaving Victoria.

ACT residents will be required to notify ACT Health of their intent to return to the ACT, and provide details on how they intend to travel back to the Territory and where they intend to quarantine. Any ACT resident that is unable to safely quarantine in their private residence will be provided with options of suitable accommodation where they can quarantine at their own expense.

For a number of days now our advice to any Canberran planning to visit Victoria has been clear – do not travel.  You will have to quarantine for a full 14 days when you return to the ACT.

Victorians also should not be travelling.  

If there is an exceptional need for someone to travel to the ACT, they will have to apply for an exemption at least 48 hours before they intend to travel. Anyone from Victoria trying to enter the ACT without an exemption will be denied entry.

Exemptions will be granted only in exceptional circumstances, such as:

  • Visiting a critically ill or palliative care immediate family member
  • Essential services work (to be assessed)
  • Attending a funeral of an immediate family member
  • Provide urgent care to an immediate family member
  • Receive urgent medical care
  • Leaving Victoria in air transit from another jurisdiction and did not leave the airport

As part of its risk assessment, ACT Health will assess visitors’ proposed length of stay in the ACT.  Other than for very short visits, a condition of entry will likely be that visitors must complete a full 14 day period of quarantine in the ACT (at their own expense).

An online system is being stood up to take exemption requests, further details are on the COVID-19 website.

The ACT COVID-19 Helpline 02 6207 7244 will also be available to any residents or travellers looking to enter the ACT from tomorrow. 

The ACT Government will continue to assess this process and finalise details over the coming days. We will also strive for consistency with the NSW system wherever possible.