ACT Government updates

Canberra's Community Recovery Plan

June 18, 2020

An announcement from Chief Minister Andrew Barr and Minister for Community Services and Facilities Suzanne Orr:

Canberrans will have access to more resources, support and information thanks to Canberra’s Community Recovery Plan launched on Thursday.

The ACT Government will work closely with our community partners to rebuild an inclusive community where Canberrans feel they belong. The Community Recovery Plan won’t leave Canberrans behind, and it won’t let people slip through the cracks. It is a multi-staged plan to support our community throughout the pandemic recovery.

The Government has already made significant investments to support the wellbeing and resilience of our community, with funding for mental health support, domestic and family violence and sexual assault services and emergency food relief through the Canberra Relief Network.

In the next phase of the Government’s community support, we will implement a range of initiatives in partnership with the community sector including:

  • A “know your neighbour campaign” to support Canberrans to connect with their neighbours, as these connections are important inside and outside times of a crisis
  • Wellbeing calls to counter the barriers of detachment and isolation that remain for many people in our community
  • Community Activity Packs to help Canberrans to stay occupied and connected from a distance in absence of large-scale events
  • Launch of the Connect in Canberra website to provide non-health related COVID-19 information on support services and activities available across the Territory

The Government will use the ACT Wellbeing Framework released in March this year to help us measure and understand the impacts of COVID-19 and how the community is recovering.

Minister for Community Services and Facilities Suzanne Orr:

“While restrictions are easing there are Canberrans who will continue to feel the effects of COVID-19 for a long time to come. The highest impacts are felt by our young people, our elderly, those with health needs, people experiencing social isolation and people who have lost work.

To help Canberrans begin getting back out in their communities, I am today announcing that we will be implementing a broad range of activities over three phases under Canberra’s Community Recovery Roadmap. We will be working closely with community partners, to rebuild an inclusive community where Canberrans feel they belong, are valued and can contribute. 

The Community Recovery Roadmap released today, outlines the government response to the pandemic so far and signals our plans on long term recovery in partnership with the community and community sector.

We recognise our non-government and community sector partners are working hard to meet our communities needs and we look forward to engaging further with the sector to continue gaining their input and feedback.

If there is a silver-lining to this, COVID-19 has presented us with a new challenge to not only bounce-back but to strive for an even better and more inclusive community.”