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Drive carefully in the suburbs for pedestrian and cyclist safety

May 18, 2020

Motorists travelling through Canberra’s suburbs are being encouraged to slow down in the interest of safety for pedestrians and cyclists when travelling through residential streets.

“There has been a boom in active travel during the pandemic with families out walking and cycling in their local neighbourhood for exercise and to get to the shops and work,” Minister for Roads and Active Travel, Chris Steel said.

“Slower streets is a community initiative that encourages motorists to slow down and be mindful that there are more people out and about in the neighbourhood walking and cycling.

The ACT Government is working with residents’ groups to install signs to remind people to slow down and look out for each other.

“This is not an enforceable requirement. It is simply a request to people driving to be on the look-out for their neighbours who are walking and cycling through residential streets," Minister Steel said. 

The residents of Aranda, Crace, Downer and Farrer will notice slow down signage has been installed at various locations around their suburbs. 

“This initiative may even help to address a significant issue of motorists travelling around corners too fast, making them unprepared for any hazard ahead such as a person walking on the road or riding a bike” Minister Steel said.

The ACT Government Active Travel Office is working with walking and cycling groups, community councils and residents’ associations that wish to take part in the slower streets initiative.

Minister Steel said that while active travel had increased during the pandemic there was a risk that road traffic would increase as more Canberrans return to work and socially distance themselves in private vehicles.

“We would like to sustain the increase we have seen in walking and cycling beyond the pandemic, and at an appropriate time welcome commuters back on to public transport.

“To encourage active travel to continue in the long term, we are fast-tracking new and upgraded paths throughout the Territory and we will soon be licensing e-scooter share schemes so that more mobility options are available to Canberrans.”

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