ACT Climate Change Strategy

September 26, 2019

We're proud of our ACT Climate Change Strategy. The time to act is now.

But there is no proposal to make Canberrans, particularly low income households, pay more.

 The ACT Government will never switch off gas to existing households that rely on the energy source for heating and cooking.
 But we ARE willing to explore models that would financially support households to voluntarily make the switch, at a time of their choosing, as a cost saving measure.
 From 2011 to 2014, the percentage of households using gas for heating fell by 13%.
 The strategy suggests more investment in our public housing for upgraded appliances. We will also explore options for providing solar to public housing.
 There is no proposal to require people to drive electric vehicles. Motorists are free to make their own choices about the vehicle they drive.
 But more affordable hybrid and electric vehicles will largely be coming on to the market in the years ahead, and we want to support people who make this transition.

And on 1 October the ACT will become the first jurisdiction outside Europe to have transitioned to 100% renewable energy.

Bold leadership can create opportunities for our region, in business development, training and education.

Aside from delivering clean, green sources of electricity, our 100% renewable electricity target has attracted more than $500 million over 20 years in low carbon investment in the ACT.

ACT Labor is taking action on climate change now