Extra green bin collections after storm

January 23, 2020

I'm pleased to tell you that we've been able to secure an additional green bin collection this Saturday, 25 January, for residents in the hardest hit Belconnen suburbs.

Many people are faced with a big clean-up effort. We want to make this a bit easier for Canberrans to manage.

City services staff have been busy cleaning up using street sweepers and leaf blowers with over 115km of streets swept since Monday. Many residents have been doing the same in their yards and recognise that their efforts in clearing the green waste generated may mean their green waste bin is already full. We hope this additional collection will provide some relief to residents in the clean-up process.

“Please look out for your neighbours in this time; not everyone has access to a green bin and some residents, particularly our senior Canberrans, may need assistance with collecting branches and filling the bin,” Minister Steel said.

The suburbs that will receive the additional green waste bin collection this Saturday are listed below.

• Macgregor
• Latham
• Holt
• Aranda
• Belconnen
• Page
• Florey
• Scullin

Inner south:
• Barton
• Kingston
• Griffith
• Narrabundah

Green waste that can be put in your green waste bin for collection includes garden prunings, leaves, grass clippings, weeds and small branches no longer than 45cm and a diameter of 10cm.

There are a range of other ways residents can properly dispose of leaf litter, so there is no excuse for sweeping it into the street. Leaf litter that goes into stormwater will affect the quality of our waterways.

Composting leaves is a great alternative. Leaves can also be used as a mulch which works as a protective barrier on top of soil to keep moisture in and reduce weeds.

If people are not in one of the suburbs selected for the additional collection and have too much leaf litter for their green waste bin, excess green waste can be dropped off for free at the Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre in Symonston between 7:30am and 4:45 pm daily as well as at Canberra Sand and Gravel on Parkwood Road in Macgregor between 7:30am and 4:45pm daily.

People without a green bin can can register for this convenient, fortnightly service for a one-off $50 payment, or free for eligible concession card holders. For more information and to download the new collection calendars, visit