Fees and charges waived in wake of hail damage

February 10, 2020

The ACT Government is cutting or waiving a range of fees and charges for Canberrans who have been forced to replace vehicles due to hail damage from 20 January. Included is:

  • a duty rebate of up to $100 for vehicles with a value of $10,000 or less that are bought to replace a written-off vehicle;
  • no extra registration fees for a replacement vehicle;
  • refunds for registration cancellation fees ($47.70) and vehicle establishment fees ($48.80 or $95.70) for those with written-off vehicles;
  • a rebate on a vehicle road worthy inspection fee ($72.10);
  • a rebate on a basic identity inspection ($55.30).

We’ve also abolished all taxation on motor vehicle insurance products to make it cheaper to take out a policy on your car.

You can read more (including FAQ) here.