Government commits to zero-interest loans for solar, battery storage

August 03, 2020

A re-elected ACT Labor Government will offer Canberrans zero-interest loans between $2000 and $15,000 to help with the upfront costs to install:

✅ rooftop solar panels
✅ household battery storage
✅ hot water heat pumps.

It's about supporting Canberrans to benefit from clean, sustainable homes that cut down their energy bills - while creating and protecting hundreds of local jobs.

This $150 million commitment is one of the most significant investments in clean energy in the ACT’s history.

Already, our investment in 100 per cent renewable electricity powering the Territory is leading to cheaper electricity. ACT households and businesses continue to have some of the lowest cost and most reliable electricity supplies in the country.

We will work to offer the first loans in the first quarter of 2021. Loans terms will be up to 10 years with monthly repayments schedule and no interest charged - and no fees associated with establishing or maintaining the loan account.

Through strong engagement with Canberra industry, we will develop a list of accredited products and providers to protect consumers and rule out the risk of dangerous operators.