Government responds to fuel price inquiry recommendations

February 04, 2020

Today the ACT Government responded to recommendations from the select committee's inquiry into fuel prices in the ACT.

I am pleased that the Government has taken our recommendations seriously, with Canberrans set to benefit from the Government pushing for more competition in the local petrol market, including:

 writing to to independent retailers that operate in New South Wales to encourage them to enter the ACT market. New retailers have already set up in the ACT and discussions have commenced with several more.

 investigating mandatory, real-time fuel price reporting, which could be delivered by the NSW FuelCheck scheme incorporating ACT service stations. The Chief Minister has written to the NSW Premier to seek her agreement, which would help Canberrans decide where to buy petrol and keep retailers honest. Our committee report found that none of the current platforms (like PetrolSpy or Motormouth) provide a comprehensive, accurate overview of petrol prices at any one time.

 commissioning ongoing analysis and reporting on the ACT fuel market to increase transparency and place a continuing eye on fuel prices in the Territory.

 seeking opportunities to enhance and make accessible information materials to educate Canberrans about the fuel market.