Have Your Say on the new Maternity Access Strategy

March 29, 2019

After broad consultation with mums, mums-to-be, health practitioners, and community organisations, we've developed a new Maternity Access Strategy and we want your views on it.

We want to make it easier for women and their families to access high quality maternity care that’s close to home 🏡 We also want to ensure that the right information about the maternity care options available is made clear 👍

Under the proposed model, women will:
☑️ Call one phone number to arrange their first appointment with a midwife.
☑️ Meet a midwife early to talk about public pregnancy and birthing options available in Canberra as well as their preference and health care needs.
☑️ Receive local support before, during and after pregnancy. 

Tell us what you think 👉 The survey is open until 6 May 2019.

Have your say on the new Maternity Access Strategy