Helping women in STEMM bound for Antarctica

November 15, 2019

I love this brooch. ❤️

It's a wandering albatross - a bird that can travel 10,000 kilometres without flapping. 😮 What's attached to the brooch is a geolocator which was once attached to a real wandering albatross - tracking it for over 90,000 kilometres in 339 days.

Most importantly, I love this brooch for what it represents.

I purchased it as part of a fundraiser for local Canberra ecologist, Dr Melissa Snape. 🦘 Mel's part of an incredible initiative called Homeward Bound.
STEMM women are significantly underrepresented in leadership positions. To combat this, Homeward Bound is building a global network of 1000 STEMM women to lead and influence decisions which shape our planet. 👍

Increasing their skills and networks. Amplifying their voices and presence. 🗣

As part of this important training, each Homeward Bound cohort goes to Antarctica to see first-hand the influence of human activities on the environment and provide critical insights into the global-scale change required when the sustainability of our planet is in crisis. 🌏

I'm proud to get behind Mel. She's motivated by our passionate Canberra community. And she's got this infectious drive to connect and enhance our local impact on a global level.

At this critical time for our planet, I'm excited and encouraged to see our female leaders step up to the challenge. 💪

You can read more about how to support Mel here 👉 For The Good Of Penguins Everywhere
And you can directly donate here 👉