International delegates visit the Legislative Assembly

December 10, 2018

Last month I met with international delegates to speak a little bit about how Australian politics and democracy works in the ACT Legislative Assembly. We had a wide ranging discussion about everything from our family friendly approach to sitting days to voluntary assisted dying, and they were particularly curious about what's on our Canberra Coat of Arms! 

Left to right are:

  • Ms S Udval (MPP) Mongolia
  • Ms Tina Talisa (NASDEM Party) Indonesia
  • Marie Fraghi (Party Registry, IPPCC) PNG
  • Frederick Balaqui (Akbayan) Philippines
  • Dr Purvi Verma (Socialist Party) India
  • Doris Dinorog Obena (Akbayan) Philippines
  • Salomao Fernandes (Fretilin) Timor Leste
  • Pang Sock Tao (DAP) Malaysia
  • Jose Lucas DaSilva (Fetilin) Timor Leste