NF Hero Event and Walk 2019

September 12, 2019

For the last three years I've been proud to be the Ambassador of the Children's Tumour Foundation's NF Hero Event and Walk in Canberra.

The Children's Tumour Foundation supports children and their families with neurofibromatosis (NF1 and NF2). Tumours grow on the spine and the ends of nerves. On the brain and behind your eyes. They're entirely unpredictable.

Children with NF are brave and resilient - heroes who we were proud to support and celebrate with an event in Glebe Park on Sunday.

The walk finished in Glebe Park

As part of the event, we did an awareness raising walk around the city. Cam Elliott, representing his daughter Libby, raised over $13,000. For every milestone he raised he promised to do more.

So, he walked 26km, carrying 40kgs for every step of that. By raising $2500 he did the walk with hearing protection in to replicate being deaf - tumours can appear in ears of those with NF.

For each milestone of fundraising, Cam promised to do more


For $5000 raised he grew and maintained a mo. Kids with NF often have surgery which makes them feel less than comfortable showing their faces, and for Cam having a mo replicated that. Raising $7500 resulting in him maintaining a blade smooth head to replicate the effects of chemo.

Cam walked the final kilometer with 40kg on his back, with hearing protection and eye covering


Finally, NF often has the consequence of going blind. By raising $10,000 Cam did the last kilometre of his walk with no sight (still carrying 40kgs!), guided by Libby, as we returned back to our celebrations in the city.

There's still time to contribute here

I'm proud to be an NF ambassador