Spring Rubbish Sizzle

November 10, 2019

Another fabulous morning down at the (very windy 🌬️) lake! Thanks to all who went to extraordinary efforts to get everything from the big stuff to the skerricks during our Rubbish Sizzle! As always, we loved seeing so many kids taking action 👏

Afterwards my friend Greg and I got down into the lake. All in all about 200 litres of rubbish collected 👍

Notable finds this time were:
- a medical training device for the detection of prostate abnormalities 🤔
- a door handle 🚪
- a syringe in the lake 😔
- a parking ticket 🅿️
- 16437346 straws (minor exaggeration, but still heaps) 🥤

It was a fabulous rubbish sizzle

We collected many, many straws

My friend, Greg, and I did an extra lake clean up