Strengthened animal welfare laws

September 26, 2019


We've just passed amendments to the Animal Welfare Act. These amendments:

🤗 Recognise animals as sentient beings
🚗 Make it an offence to keep an animal in a moving vehicle without proper restraint or to leave an animal in a hot car.
😰Allow for passers-by to be able to legally break into a vehicle to rescue an animal at risk of serious injury or death, in circumstances where all other reasonable steps have been taken (like calling police)
🐶Introduce a new assistance animal framework which will provide for the accreditation of assistance animals. A person who relies on an assistance animal will be able to show ID to be guaranteed access to any place the public uses
🐦Reduce the maximum timeframe for reporting an injured animal - no matter whether it's domestic or wild - from 24 hours to 2 hours
🐾 Allow inspectors to issue warnings and on-the-spot fines for minor offences, and increase maximum penalties for more serious animal welfare abuses
🚫 Give the Animal Welfare Authority and the courts greater powers to temporarily or permanently refuse ownership of animals for those people who pose a serious animal welfare risk

ACT Labor Government has just recognised animals as sentient beings