Tender released for missing Lake Ginninderra path link

July 16, 2020

The tender has been released to complete the missing link in the Lake Ginninderra foreshore - taking the path along the lakeside of the newly enhanced Belconnen Arts Centre and properly connect Emu Bank to the parkland at Emu Inlet.

The project will deliver:
 raised mini-mesh walkway over the wetlands with lookout platforms at either end for people to rest and enjoy the over-water experience
 mini wetlands to filter stormwater runoff from the nearby BAC car park, improving water quality of Lake Ginninderra
 stone logs along the eastern and western edges of the foreshore to address water erosion and allow for direct access to the lake
 wetland plantings and additional trees
 lighting along the length of the shared path to enable nighttime use
 direct access from the shared path to the lakeside entrance of Belco Arts.

This is yet another project identified in the Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan - a document which helps guide how the Town Centre looks and feels - which is being delivered 👍 I can't wait!

The tender will close next month.

The tender will close in August