The amount of litter City Services collects may surprise you

February 04, 2020

Throughout my time as a local member, it's been really important for me to get across the detail of how and why things are done. Over the last few months the City Services team has generously hosted me in a range of functions, including heading out with a ranger and participating in tree removal.

On Tuesday I got up bright and early to join the Belconnen Depot with litter picking. The Belconnen Depot is responsible for litter picking in east Belco, while the Charnwood Depot takes on west Belco. 🚮

There are three different 'runs' in east Belco - Kaleen, Belconnen and Jamison. I was on the Kaleen run today. For this run, shops (Florey, Kaleen Plaza, Gwydir Square and the area near Northies Bar, as well as associated bus stops) are prioritised first and then all of John Knight Memorial Park and the beaches around Lake Ginninderra. 🌳

After three hours I was stuffed! It's hard work and it's pleasing to see the outcomes of your efforts immediately. The variety of rubbish is always of interest (banana peels across three separate locations?!) but the volume really surprised me. Litter picking happens every single day and every single one of these sites has bins nearby, so to pick up this amount of rubbish across just a few sites this morning was a little disheartening.

After cigarette butts, shopping dockets appeared to be the most common (and both types of litter are fiddly to pick up).

We can all do our bit. 👍