Two of our strategies tackling climate change

October 03, 2019

The ACT has a target of zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. 🌿 The ACT Labor Government has a number of strategies to help achieve that. 

We recognise that a good portion of emissions in the ACT come from Government vehicles. We're taking the necessary steps to reduce that.

One of those ways is the introduction of Australia’s first plug-in hybrid electric fire truck. 🚒 The truck will save 185,000 litres of diesel and a reduction of engine oil disposal by approximately 400 litres over a ten-year period. We expect it will be operational by 2022. 

We're working to reduce emissions from fire trucks

Methane gas is generated when organic waste in landfill decomposes. But, if managed properly, this gas can be extracted and used to generate electricity - significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the same time. 

We've been capturing methane emissions at ACT landfills since 1997. We've now contracted LGI Limited to provide upgrades at our landfills. We expect to capture 34,900 megawatt hours each year - enough to power 5,370 homes. ⚡️ We're also planning for a food organics collection service to turn this waste into valuable organic compost products 👍

We're working to use methane gas from organic waste to power homes