Water sensitive design trial at Jamison to support healthier trees

July 20, 2020

The trees at the Jamison car park aren't in a good way. In warmer months, they don't give the shade that's needed for what can be a significant heat island.

So we're doing something about it.

As part of the Urban Forest Strategy released today, Jamison will be the home to a $1 million water sensitive urban design trial.

Tara with Minister Chris Steel at Jamison on Monday.
A segment of the car park will be used to trial the Strataflow modular soil cell system. The system is designed to support tree health by providing a growing medium with good soil structure that protects tree roots, captures and stores surface runoff, and provides localised water quality treatment while reducing the need for watering from potable water supplies.

Another eight trees will be planted under normal conditions as a control.
If successful, this system will inform future potential investments in locations where improved tree canopy cover can be improved, along with better water quality outcomes.

I've talked about trees in the Jamison car park with many of you over the years and I was delighted that many residents were able to be present this morning for the announcement.

We paid special tribute to Brian Brocklebank who always kept the issue front of my mind and with whom the Minister and I toured the car park with to talk about the issues a few years back. Brian was tragically killed in a car accident last year. It was an honour to be joined by his wife Deirdre, his daughter Holly, and many family and friends. This investment is an incredible legacy and a testament to Brian's determination and passion to improve amenity in a way that will benefit many people - and for many years.