We can all do our bit to save water

December 10, 2019

A lot of people have been asking why the ACT doesn't yet have water restrictions in place. 💧

The simple answer is because our water supply is currently secure. Our water comes from four dams - Corin, Bendora, Cotter and Googong. While some dams, like Corin, are very low at the moment, others are doing much better. The enlarged Cotter Dam, for example, is over 80 per cent full. Our current total dam capacity is over 50 per cent.

These figures are updated regularly:…/Da…/Water-Storage-Levels.aspx

While we don't have water restrictions in place - and it's likely they won't come in until the second half of 2020, if at all - we can all do our bit to ensure we're easing pressure on the dam water levels. Each of us significantly reduced our water consumption through changed habits during the millennium drought, and we've kept that up. But there's always something more we can do. I'm going to start putting a bucket in my shower to collect water that I can water my plants with. 

There are plenty more tips and suggestions available here: