What is happening on Tillyard Drive?

March 05, 2018

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the plan for Tillyard Drive and whether the Government is installing traffic lights at the intersections with Ginninderra Drive and Lhotsky Street. I took the opportunity in Question Time to ask the Minister directly.

The short answer is that there’s two separate processes: one for upgrading intersections and another for improvements to Tillyard Drive proper.

A detailed study of the Tillyard Drive intersection recommended traffic lights and the Government is currently considering this. Upgrading an intersection is a significant investment. As capital works, the recommendation needs to go through the budget process. The Minister has assured me the Government is considering the recommendation carefully.

In the meantime, a separate study has been conducted on Tillyard Drive proper. Engineering consultants examined the length of Tillyard Drive, traffic volume and speed, crash data and local residents’ views. Residents of Charnwood, Florey and Fraser were consulted, and the study received over 600 written survey responses and 120 people attending information sessions.

The Minister confirmed that the high priority safety measures from the study will be implemented along the length of Tillyard Drive over the coming financial year. These include:

  • improvements to intersections with Crawford Crescent, Spalding Street, Kerrigan Street, Daley Crescent South
  • lane narrowing between Crawford Crescent and Covington Crescent and between Barber Crescent and Kuringa Drive
  • pedestrian refuge island adjacent to the Bicentennial Trail
  • improvements to Pedestrian signage near Charnwood shops
  • improvements to line marking and signage on Kuringa Drive
  • lane marking and narrowing improvements on Spalding Street
  • lane narrowing on Tillyard Drive and Shakespeare Crescent
  • improvements to pedestrian signage near Kerrigan Street
  • speed cushions near Shakespeare Crescent and Cartwright Street
  • pedestrian refuge island near Rouse Place

I can assure you that the Minister will continue to hear from me to improve the road safety along Tillyard Drive. Have a listen to what the Minister said about the whole process: