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Fresh idea: Big Belly bins now in Canberra

June 02, 2016

I’m very excited about the ACT Government announcement’s of the 12-month trial of ‘Big Belly’ solar bins in Canberra.

While not everyone will admit excitement over rubbish bins, this is a clever and effective improvement to something that is so important from a waste management and efficiency perspective.

I first came across these rubbish bins while holidaying in Germany in late 2014.

At the time, I’d just been elected as Belconnen Community Council Chair and many people were talking to me about how Canberrans could better manage our waste.

I noticed the ‘Big Belly’ bins in Hamburg and learned they are solar powered which allows them to compact the waste placed into them.

The compacting means they can store a lot more waste than a normal bin.

By storing more waste, they are emptied less often. Better still, the bins use a sensor to record and relay how full they are, allowing bin collections to be scheduled accordingly.

As part of my campaign for these bins, I put forward a successful policy motion about trialling this bin technology at the ACT Labor Conference in 2015.

Try them out on the Kingston Foreshore, at the Campbell 5 precinct or in Wright! #freshideas