Standing up for what’s right

✅ Restored Territory rights to legislate on voluntary assisted dying

✅ Passed voluntary assisted dying laws, with the scheme to commence on 3 November 2025 

✅ Modernised the Territory’s Discrimination Act 1991 

✅ Introduced a new pathway for complaints about a breach of the Human Rights Act

✅ Removed barriers to altruistic surrogacy 

✅ Improved governance and management at ACT private crematoriums, after an audit revealed weaknesses in record-keeping relating to the placement of ashes

✅ Enabled families of an organ donor to have this recognised on their death certificate – an Australian first

✅ Introduced early pregnancy loss commemorative certificates

✅ Removed barriers to gender recognition for transgender, gender diverse and intersex people

I'm working on:

✅ Enshrining a human right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment