Widen Lake Ginninderra Paths


Following a huge amount of support for my petition, ACT Labor has committed to a feasibility study to widen the paths at Lake Ginninderra.

Widening the paths is a big undertaking, and a feasibility study will determine how best to get it done. 

Widening the paths is about making spending time at the lake more enjoyable for everyone, giving more room for both cyclists and pedestrians - especially during busy periods and to support events like Ginninderra parkrun.



Lake Ginninderra is the jewel of Belconnen - a place of natural beauty and recreation. It is also increasingly popular, with more people using the paths each day to walk, run or ride. This, combined with some areas of the path being very narrow, means now is the time to invest in widening it - so that all those who are enjoying Lake Ginninderra can do so comfortably and safely. 

We, the undersigned, call for the widening of the paths around Lake Ginninderra.